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Our MDF shutters are made using the same production techniques as our higher priced shutters.

Using Mortise and Tenon joints and finished with a polymer coating creating a smooth finish which is then finished with 6 layers of paint, this range is highly durable and long lasting. From as little as £180 per square metre. Available in 5 shades of white.

The interesting thing about our Basswood plantation shutter range is although basswood shutters are a hardwood shutter, they are very light weight, which makes it the perfect material to allow us to get a lot bolder with the design possibilities. We would use basswood shutters if for example we were designing tier on tier shutters or shutters beyond 3 panels from the hinge.

This simply wouldn’t be sustainably possible with MDF shutters.

Our range of Solid basswood shutters are a fantastic addition to Libra’s shutter range. Originally used in Victorian times to protect the single paned glass, Solid style plantation shutters offer a very unique setting to any room. Although sometimes limiting compared to our louvered shutters, our exclusive range of solid shutters can easily surprise our customers by creating a bespoke feel to a room that louvered shutters simply cannot. Creating a distinct look, these shutters are made using our high grade Basswood and are available in a full range of white shades and stained finishes.

Considered the crème de la crème of plantation shutters. Unlike the Seattle and Phoenix shutters, the western red cedar range is still made using the mortise and tenon joints but without using engineered stiles. This is because the grain is so very tight and straight it doesn’t need to be. As versatile as phoenix, western red cedar shutters can be used to great design effect.

The cedar shutters range is only available in an oiled or lacquered finish.

Speciality shaped shutters are made using basswood, which is a light durable wood,
enabling greater design options such as speciality shapes. Made using engineered stiles to prevent the possibility of twisting or warping to give the shutters a longer life expectancy.

Available in a full range of painted and stained colours.

Libra’s motorised shutters are simply in addition to our shutter range. We would generally recommend this easy to use option when shutter panels are installed in hard to reach places, or if our customers prefer something to impress. Libra’s motorised shutters operate using a remote control which is programmed to 8 pre-set louver positions.

They also have an impressive light recognition sensor setting which tells the louvers to open and close to pre-selected positions depending on whether its dusk or dawn.